Sex Therapy

The idea of talking with a therapist, a complete stranger, about a sexual issue can be scary at first. Knowing about the boundaries and ethics when sexual issues come up in therapy can help you be more curious about it and comfortable with it. Therapy never includes sex or nudity with the therapist or sexual activity between the couple in the therapy room. For more information, you may review this pamphlet Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex, published by the California Board of Psychology.

Through my experience of working with couples and individuals with relationship challenges, I have found that relationship problems and sexual problems often show up together. This often creates an overlap between the two topics in therapy. That overlap can be used because improvement in one area will often help improve the other area. I enjoy helping couples improve their emotional and sexual relationships because when those aspects of the relationship are strong, everything else seems to fall into place.

Some sexual issues that I can help with are listed below. Click the links to find out more.