Want to receive relationship therapy but afraid your therapist will see your polyamory as the problem? Want a therapist willing to work not just with the couple but the triad or the vee? Want therapy for an individual issue that isn’t related to polyamory but don’t want to hide your polyamory to get it?

When your sexual expression plots a different path than many therapists are used to, you face a tough choice. Will you go to therapy to pay to educate the therapist about consensual nonmonogamy or hide your multiple loves? You shouldn’t have to explain your love-style on your dime. You shouldn’t have to hide. As your therapist I am ready to hit the ground running with you just like I would be with a monogamous couple next door. I have experience helping multiple polyamorous clients in individual and couples therapy and I am willing and ready to work with a poly system.

I am knowledgeable about poly (check out this blog entry about critical thinking about polyamory). There is still a lot that I am learning given how diverse these relationships can be, but I’m dedicated to continuing my education on my time not yours, and I have an ample consultation to guide me in that process.

If you are interested in working with me, please give me a call 650-814-7823. After a 15-20 minute consultation to make sure my services are a good match for your needs, we can schedule an appointment.