Erectile Dysfunction

For many men, this is a very hard topic to deal with. The very fact that you are willing to view this page shows that you have the courage it takes to begin addressing this challenge. If you are here looking for help for your partner, I think I might be the guy to help your guy with this challenge.

Whether the difficulty getting or maintaining an erection is caused by emotions, relationship challenges, history, performance anxiety, a medical issue, or aging, I feel prepared to help attend to the challenge and to find your path to your pleasure and the pleasure of your partner(s). My talk therapy methods are professional and compassionate. I have experience working with this issue and have helped other clients with it successfully.

Please give me a call 650-814-7823. During an initial 15-20 minute consultation I canĀ outlineĀ some treatment strategies that we might explore, or you can just get a sense of how comfortable you feel talking to me and wait to bring this issue up until the first session. If you do feel comfortable, then we can schedule an appointment.