Low Desire

What is the good news about low desire? Low desire is the most common sexual issue in therapy and therefore the issue that therapists have the greatest experience and the largest number of tools to work with. Whether you come in as a couple or an individual, I feel confident about assessing and treating low sexual desire.

How do I help with low desire? Well, first we need to figure out which type of low desire it is. Do you recognize your type in the list below?

  • Once had a passionate sex life but the fire is gone.
  • You think your low desire is the result of particular stressors and challenges.
  • Have never really understood or enjoyed sex.
  • Your desire is fine in general except for when it comes to your partner. The two of you have been through so much and now it is hard to feel the passion between you.
  • Your desire is fine but your partner’s desire is so much higher or lower that it is causing problems between you.

We start by identifying which of these patterns of low desire you experience, and then use a course of therapy that is tailored to that type and the specific details for you and your relationship.

If you are interested in working with me, please give me a call 650-814-7823. After a 15-20 minute consultation to make sure my services are a good match for your needs, we can schedule an appointment.