I specialize in providing marriage counseling, couples therapy, premarital therapy, couples therapy for one, and sex therapy.

I help couples decrease conflict, improve communication, and increase emotional and sexual intimacy. I don’t just sit back and ask you how they feel. I have an engaged style that stops negative patterns and helps you learn new, more productive communication tools and connect to each other again.

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In our first hour, I typically have three goals:

  • I try to hear each person about the challenges.
  • I ask what you love about each other so I can remind you that there is hope.
  • I give you a tool or task so you can begin making changes right away.

Beyond the first session I complete an assessment and we create goals together. Here are the most common relationship goals I help couples achieve:

  • Decreasing conflict
  • Improving communication
  • Deepening emotional connection
  • Enhancing sexual satisfaction
  • Increasing self-care and self-soothing
  • Resolving values differences

I utilize therapeutic techniques from the Gottman method, emotionally focused couples therapy, and other empirically validated marriage therapy methods.

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