It can be very difficult to sit down and tell someone outside your family about the challenges you may be facing. My experience working at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County has given me a lot of experience working with Latino and Latina individuals and couples.

I am aware though that my current experience doesn’t make me an expert on working with Latin clients. I am aware that I am still developing my experience of Latin culture. That awareness means that I am more likely to let you tell me about your culture than I am to make assumptions about it. I feel comfortable talking with you about the immigrant experience, pride of culture, and historical or current traumas. I would be happy to coordinate treatment with your priest, spiritual director, or curandero or curandera if appropriate. I have several expert colleagues that I consult with as needed to make sure that I continue to develop my sensitivity in working with Latina and Latino clients.

If you are open to receiving services from an Anglo man who is consciously developing his awareness of Latin culture to serve his clients, please give me a call.