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Therapy is always about the client. Sometimes though it is nice to know a little bit about the person that you are considering receiving therapy from.

I grew up in Minneapolis where the inner city diversities around me ignited my passion for diversity issues. After High School I lived in India for a year while on the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. I went to college in Colorado where I met my wife. I moved to the Bay Area in 2002 to begin my Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology. My family and I are now settled in this area for good.

I became a licensed psychologist (PSY23669) through a circuitous route. I began with a strong interest in spirituality and human development during my undergraduate major in Religious Studies. I considered a more academic career but I realized that what I really felt called to do was work with people one-on-one. I took some prerequisite courses for a year at Loyola University in Chicago and then began my Ph.D. in 2002. I earned my Clinical Psychology Ph.D. in 2008.

I love my job. I am honored that I get to do work that I enjoy, that is meaningful, and which helps others live meaningful, connected lives. Below you will find a brief list of different positions that I have held during my career and little further down, a brief description of my therapeutic style.

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Career Synopsis:

  • Private Practice Therapist July 2011- present.
  • Executive Director of the Community Center for Health & Wellness at Sofia University, January 2014- February 2015.
  • Assistant Professor in Sofia University’s Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology program, September 2011- August 2014. I taught courses including Critical Thinking, Scholarly Writing, Advanced Clinical Practicum Seminar, and Human Sexuality.
  • Clinical Director of the Community Center for Health & Wellness at Sofia University, July 2011- December 2013.
  • Program Manager and Clinical Supervisor for the Community Counseling Services program at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County July 2010- June 2012.
  • Read here about other Presentations, Publications, and Achievements.

Therapeutic Style:

As a therapist I blend empathy for your feelings with an unwavering hope in your capacity to improve your health. After an initial assessment we create a treatment plan for short or long-term work to guide your therapy. For short-term work, we focus on developing homework so that you can begin to make changes and see results quickly. For long-term goals, we identify questions and themes to guide our work.

During sessions, I often jot down notes or pictures to give to you at the end of the session so that you have something to help you keep track of the ideas or skills you were working on during the session.

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